Hudson & Co was established in 1974.

Resident legal practitioners are –

David Hudson, born 1941, British, an Australian-qualified, lawyer, admitted in 1965, and practising in Vanuatu since 1971. He has written articles, for or contributed to Kime’s International Law Directory, Greiter’s “How to Get Your Money in Foreign Countries”, The Offshore Trust Yearbook, Barclays’ “Arresting Ships in Asia”, the Offshore Finance Yearbook, the London Society of Chartered Accountants’ Guide to International Finance Centres, the FT Law & Tax “Trade Marks: World Law & Practice”, the World Bank Survey on Business Start-up Regulation, and “Offshore Finance Canada”.

Fields of Practice are commercial, company, construction, estates, government, intellectual property, international tax, civil and criminal litigation, real property, tourism, transport and trusts.

Clients Lists:  Clients include banks, trust and insurance companies, accountants, lawyers, commercial and industrial firms, and private individuals.